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2.4G RF module for JR V3



Type IS-8J
Diension 63.9×48.5×36.5mm
Weight 32g
Resolution 1024
Module Compatible JR
Modulate FHSS
Operating Voltage 6V~18V
Operating Current about 38mA(12V)
Output Power <100mW


◆Long range, Light weight
◆Failsafe. You can set the receiver to default to a pre-set position on all channels in the unlikely event of signal loss.
◆Automatic frequency scan when turning on the transmitter and receiver ensures no frequency clash and maximum safety.
◆Bind once, use forever!
◆Range test. Convenient method to check the performance of the system which means you won’t need to walk kilometers away.
◆Ultra-low-power design. Low power consumption by Transmitter modules and Receivers.

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