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Dimension 50×15×15mm
Weight 25.6g
Joint T type / silicone cable
Measuring Range 7.4~45v/0A~100A/-20℃~100℃
Resolution 0.1V/0.2A/0.1℃
Alarm Range 4.0V~49.9V/3A~99.9A/20℃~89.9℃
Initialize Alarm 9.9V/20A/50℃
The FD-WM is a style of miniature multi-function wattmeter, which is small volume and lightweight. It can be used on the R/C model to check the real-time current, voltage, watt and temperature, and also it has a battery voltage acoustic-optical alarm function, It can also record the maximum current, watts ,temperature and the minimum voltage. Users can easily understand their R/C power system via this item.
LED State
All LEDs off: Wattmeter displays scrolling voltage, current, watt values and temperature.
V LED on: Displays real-time battery voltage.
A LED on: Displays real-time battery current Amps.
W LED on: Displays real-time battery output power in watts.
C LED on: Displays real-time temperature.
The corresponding LED will flash while alarming, and buzzer keep the beep ring
1. Connect the Wattmeter between the battery and the ESC. It will read the real-time voltage, current, temperature and calculate watts. Press the right key each once, the wattmeter will change between above states.
2. Press the left key, the wattmeter can get the minimum voltage, maximum temperature, current and watts of this flight.
3. Press the left button more than five seconds in any state, the wattmeter will go into the alarm setting state, via the right key to set the alarm extreme value, and then press the left key to confirm and the right button for increasing, setting succeed, then press the left key to exit setting.

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