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Fly-Dream launch the new version RC system --- V3

Under the strong expectation and helpful suggestions by massive RC hobbyists, based on our continual effort on the R&D of 2.4GHz Tx module & Rx, Fly-dream launches V3 (=Version3) 2.4Ghz Tx module which is featured by high reliability, wide compatibility, easy output power control, flexible ID identification and less energy consumption, and is also the first Tx module for hobbyists to open the firmware upgrade in the RC field.
Fly-Dream redesigns the circuit of Tx module, through employing a streamlined circuit instead of original complex one, to achieve a higher stability and wider compatibility in the PPM transition of transmitter. Through more effective improvement in the frequency selection, V3 is able to resist the interference by at least one 2.4GHz analog video signal.
Before V3, Fly-dream successfully developed the V2 2.4GHz RF board which had a simple structure and easy control of PA & LNA. The Rx of V2 has a high sensitivity in long-distance and jam-free in short-distance. The Tx module of V2 can control the PA easily to exercise the range test in the very short distance replacing the test method through walking hundred meters away
V3 2.4 GHz TX module firstly adopts DC-DC to achieve working voltage conversion, which brings the higher efficiency and less energy-consuming. In the contrasting test, the Fly-Dream engineer found that the Tx module temperature goes up obviously after long-time use in summer when using the linear voltage regulator, the working current of Tx module can reach 200mA. But using the DC-DCTx module current lowers to 30mA, even in the summer, the hobbyist never feel the hot in Tx module because of low working current and improved efficiency.
With the Fly-Dream 2.4Ghz V3 Tx module, the hobbyists will enjoy higher reliability, more convenience such as range test in short-distance and independent changing ID. Fly-Dream V3 consumes extremely less energy than the conventional 72MHz system and present 2.4GHz RC systems in market. Not only having the transmitter battery lasts long time, but also avoiding the happiness spoiling by the worries of module reliability caused by its temperature rising.
We always insist on collecting suggestions from massive hobbyists and technology improvement. As usual, hobbyist need to return the Tx module to manufacturer for firmware upgrade, it will consume a certain of time and freight, but it will change from now on because of Fly-Dream V3 which is the pioneer to open the firmware upgrade function to hobbyists in RC field, you just need to buy the specialized firmware loading cable, and make a risk commitment for firmware upgrade, then you can upgrade the firmware by yourself any time.

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