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The newest software of FD-A!!

Newest software of FD-A
Fly Dream has updated the newest software of FD-A, and the version is
Compared with the earlier version the new function are bellow:
One,    Quick icon beautification
Two,    Add the function to change the Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit temperature;
Three,  Add the function to change meter and feet;
Four,   Add the quick icon of set the zero altitude (Altitude Abs/Rel);
Five,    Add the quick icons of start time and over time;
Six, Add the function of Mark;
Seven,  Add the function of peak search;
Eight,   Add the function of screenshot.
Of course there are other details need to be changed. Although we want to make perfect, but still have other problems, so welcome you to give us good suggestions
Click the link below to update the software



11th November,2011
Fly Dream


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