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Still remember childhood dreams?

Paper airplane carry our infinite dream to the sky and infinite imagination about the future. We always tear one page from the books and use our clumsy hands to make one paper airplane with our dream. Classes, playground are the filed of paper airplane flight. May be it will fall down quickly, but it takes our full expectations at that moment. We expect it will fly the highest, farthest,and longest. This paper airplane gave us so many nice childhood.
Do you still remember the fold of paper airplane please? Or do you miss your childhood time? Or dose your child would like to put aside of computers and playing with you outside please?

Dream1 will give you three :”Yes”!

Please sit down and fold an paper plane like your childhood,then install Dream1, put the controller on your finger and control the paper plane .It can fly more high, more far and more long time.

Any happiness ?

Dose your childhood dream still clearly ,right?

If you play with your children, teach him/her to play your child toys with full of love.Right?


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