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Dream1 somatosensory paper airplane launched!

From 2013 year, Fly Dream decides the project of paper airplane, after 8 months development , and 4 months testing, Dream 1 comes out to the market.


FlyDream’s somatosensory paper airplane( simple called Dream1 as follow) include 1pc driver, 1pc ring controller, 1pc USB charger,1pc foam and some pieces paper.


The head of driver is anti-collision foam, we equipped a coccinella septempunctata foam when out of factory,also we put the other foam as replace head.You will find a master control chip and rechargeable lithium batteries in the internal storage on the foam head. In the middle of driver,we used a square tube to connect the motor and steering servo.The propeller in the tail supplies power for paper airplane , the flexible electromagnetic steering servo made the paper airplane turning is possible.


Ring controller contains gyroscope, 2.4 G transceiver chip and the central processing chip, using rechargeable lithium batteries.The ring shell used soft silicone material and through injection processing,which made is comfortable and convenient on your fingers .


We package some pieces paper inside the package,ensure you quickly get started.


Control method uses somatosensory.Unlock ,lock, lift,left and right operating mode, it is clear at a glance.


Notice: Because the paper airplane is very light and it is only suitable to fly in less than 2 level wind and fine environment. Off course the indoor basketball stadium is also a good choice.


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